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Free Energy Audits/BER Certs with all new builds

We can provide all owners of buildings, both residential and commercial, with essential energy audits. An effective energy audit can result in significant savings in the energy costs of older, energy-inefficient buildings.

By employing high-grade building materials and advanced construction techniques the energy rating of buildings can be greatly improved. A BER indicates the energy rating of a property. The BER is expressed in the form of performance bands "A" being the most efficient to "G" being the least energy efficient

Before deciding to build your home, or to alter your existing home, it is important to establish its energy efficiency and what more can be done to improve it. Remember, it is far more economical to make your house energy efficient from the start, rather than trying to make it efficient after it is built.

It is important to be aware of the impact that Building Energy Rating of houses will have on the property market, especially in relation to the certification that lending institutions may in future request when considering loan applications.

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